The Merchant CIty

The merchant city was founded 500 years ago as a fishing village by humans, the relative distance from organised hostile humanoids such as Orcs and Hobgoblins (and later on the Elves) made it’s early survival possible and this safety attracted the first tradesmen who began shipping goods using the villagers fishing ships to send the goods avoiding warring lands and many of the dangers of sending goods across the land.

By the time that the Merchant City came began to come under threat it had become wealthy enough to fund a force large enough to repel uncivilized invaders and had enough economic power to dissuade civilized forces from attacking.

The Days of the Guild

It was around 300 years ago when the Merchant City was barely half the size it is now, that the Teifling Balthazar Goodhue decided that the merchants of the city should have more power over it, and so formed the Merchant’s Guild, with himself as the guildmaster.

For the next 50 years the merchant’s guild worked unhindered and would lend it’s considerable assets to anyone who would support them and went to great lengths to attract more merchants to the city, as well as other organizations which would serve their interests such as the Assasin’s Enclave who for some time acted as a secret police for the guild and were, as rumour has it responsible for the deaths of multiple guildmasters who stood in the way of more ambitious merchants.

The Merchant CIty

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